Accreditation Certificate

Mr Brygel, Mr Leinkram, and Mr Grossberg obtain certification from the Royal Australian College of Surgeons on an annual and 3-yearly basis.  This is a requirement for all surgeons.  It signifies that the surgeons undergo continuing medical education and have fulfilled extensive lists of criteria to demonstrate they are up to date and competent.

  1. The surgeons participate in a peer review and surgical audit and the results of their surgery annually.
  2. Mr Brygel, Mr Leinkram, and Mr Grossberg are credentialed at approved hospitals – an annual requirement.
  3. They take part in clinical governance.
  4. They undertake maintenence of knowledge and skills programs by way of teaching and education for others.

This accreditation certificate is granted for a 3-year period.

Below is an example of the type of document required.

The Continuing Professional Development Program 2007 – 2009 (view/download PDF)



















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