Quality Control

Our quality control is based on auditing all cases that are operated on. This audit undergoes peer review annually and is submitted to the Royal Australian College of Surgeons for confirmation.

2014 Audit

Mr Charles Leinkram presented an abstract to the International Congress of the European Hernia Society in 2014.

This showed results following open repair of large incisional hernias with a special new type of mesh – termed a “composite mesh.”

Thirty-three of the patients with moderate to very large incisional hernias were followed up over a period of 5 years and the results were analysed.  In one-third of the patients, an abdominoplasty (tummy-tuck) was carried out for cosmetic reasons and to facilitate surgery. The results of the surgery were excellent with only one recurrence.

There are some key points you should know about all of our results:

1. Over 80% of patients are treated as a day case.
2. 20% stay one night only.
3. A small percentage stay longer because of poor health and the home conditions.
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