Surgical Office Skills for GPs

The following documents will be useful for those GP’s who are just about to attend, or who have recently attended, the practical component.

A special welcome to those GP’s from Victoria who will be attending the courses. They will find the following three PDF documents useful.
The PDF Document on “Informed Consent” may be accessed here. It addresses such topics as sutures, scarring, dressings, infection, bleeding, pain, and informed financial consent. Additionally, some preliminary reading may be accessed here.

Topics addressed are “Preparation prior to surgery”, “Anaesthetic techniques”, “Mechanism of action of local anaesthetics”, “Agents in local anaesthetics”, “Complications” and “Key Concepts and Practical Tips”. A short document on “Digital Block for Ingrowing Toenail” can be found here.

Topics addressed are “Anatomy”, “Appropriate volumes”, “Method of administration” and a “Summary of key points”. NB: For General Practitioners only. Please note, graphic images contained within, may not be suitable for general viewing. Our patient information handouts are PDF files suitable for printing.



Patient Information for Procedures  PDF
Ingrown Toenail – Wedge Resection  PDF
Haemorrhoids, Sigmoidoscopy & Colonoscopy  PDF
Sebaceous Cysts  PDF
Anal Fissures PDF
Rubber Band Ligation for Haemorrhoids PDF