About the Hospitals

Masada Private Hospital

Situated in East St Kilda is a 60-bed non-denominational hospital. It has recently undergone an extensive upgrade. A new purpose-built day surgery facility.  There are consulting suites and facilities for thorough investigations such as pathology tests and radiology.

Sir John Monash Private Hospital

is a purpose-built day surgical unit in Clayton adjacent to the Monash Medical Centre and Monash University. Overnight stay is currently not available at Sir John Monash Private Hospital.

Mitcham Private Hospital

This is a 100 bed private hospital situated in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. It has a purpose-built day surgery unit. Moreover it also deals expertly with the more complex surgery of incisional hernia repair and abdominoplasty.

A relatively new trend in our surgical care is the provision of overnight stay in a non-hospital setting with supervised nursing. This is available at the Classic Residences in Brighton. This is particularly suitable for patients who are not insured as the fees are very reasonable despite luxury holiday style accommodation.

The perceived advantages of the Melbourne Hernia Clinic at these Hospitals:

  1. The patient has a choice based on convenience and medical needs.
  2. The nursing and paramedical staff are fully aware of the techniques.
  3. Attention is focused specifically on hernia treatment.

It is not seen as just a small operation compared to major bowel surgery or cardiac bypass surgery. There is the personal care aspect. Each patient is contacted by the surgeon the following day to ensure that all is going smoothly.

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