Melbourne Hernia Clinic Referral Template for Medical Director

IMPORTANT: Medical Director templates are in a *.rtf (Rich Text File) file format. They must not be opened except in Medical Director. DO NOT OPEN THE FILE “MELBOURNE_HERNIA_CLINIC.rtf in your word processing program such as Microsoft Word, WordPad or Notepad. 


  1. Download the MELBOURNE_HERNIA_CLINIC.rtf file to your hard drive:
    In Microsoft Internet Explorer: right-mouse click on the download link and select Save Target As
    In Mozilla Firefox: right-mouse click on the download link and select Save Link As
    Go to the folder or location on the hard drive of the computer where you want to save it, and select Save
  2. Open Letterwriter in Medical Director (“Tools -> Letter Writer“)
  3. Select “File -> New…” or “File -> Modify Template…
  4. Double-click on “Blank Template” or Select “Blank Template” and click on the “Open” button.
  5. Select “File -> Import
  6. Find and select the template file to be imported (MELBOURNE_HERNIA_CLINIC.rtf, downloaded in step 1.), and either double-click on it or press “Open” – this will import the template into Medical Director.
  7. Select “File -> Save as template
  8. Type in a new name for the template (preferably “HERNIA – Melbourne Hernia Clinic“) and click onAll Users or Current User depending on who is to have access to the template
  9. Press the “Save” button. This will save the template under the User Defined tab.
  10. Exit Letterwriter (“File -> Close“)