Types of Hernias

  1. INGUINAL – In the groin, the commonest type – about 80%.
  2. FEMORAL – Below the inguinal – relatively more common in women.
  3. EPIGASTRIC – In the midline between the navel and breast bone.
  4. Hypogastric – In the midline below the umbilicus.
  5. UMBILICAL – At the navel (In babies – may shrivel up and disappear).
  6. Para-umbilical – Just above the umbilicus.
  7. INCISIONAL – In the scar of previous surgery.
  8. ABDOMINOPLASTY (“tummy tuck”) – Abdominoplasties may be performed with an associated hernia.
  9. RECURRENT – At the site of a previous hernia operation.
  10. UNUSUAL HERNIA – Lumbar, Spigelian.
  11. HIATUS HERNIAS – Through a gap in the diaphragm. The weakness allows acid to reflux into the gullet causing symptoms. Surgery is not usually required.